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It’s NOT About the Clutter!

Everywhere you turn you hear the same things:

Clear the Clutter!

Clutter is the Enemy!

Be Organized- get rid of Clutter!

Lies, lies and more lies.

I’ll tell you a secret:  Clutter speaks to me, whispers really. It says “Hey, Ragen, there’s no system in place to keep me from piling up!  My owner cleans and cleans and I pile right back up again.  I want a system!”  Clutter is never the problem.  Clutter is just a symptom of the problem.  The problem is a lack of simple systems to deal with all of the things that come into your space.

Stop trying to clear the clutter and start looking at it.  Really look at your clutter.  What’s is made of?  Is it business cards?  Catalogs?  Junk mail?  Knick knacks?

Try dividing your clutter into some broad categories, think of 3 or 4 categories that would encompass all of the stuff and then group it into those categories.  Then use The Golden Question – “What am I using this for?”.  Based on your answer to that questions, create simple step by step systems for these things to come into your space, get taken care of (whatever that means in each specific case), and get stored, recycled or thrown away.

If you get stuck, try using the intake, flow and filing system from The Renegade Organizer’s Easy Guide to Paper Management . It applies to way more than paper.

While it can be a good feeling to clean up clutter (over, and over, and over again), trust me that you’ll feel positively triumphant when you turn around and see the systems and processes that you created working for you to keep the clutter away for good!

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