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Put Yourself in a Position to be Lucky

I played lots of sports growing up – stick with me here, I do have a point.  Many of you who were athletes will remember that coaches had platitudes that seemed to work for every occasion and sport.  One of my favorites was always “You’ve got to put yourself in a position to be lucky!”  What the coaches were trying to convey was that there’s plenty about sports that’s pure luck.  Someone is always making a lucky shot at the buzzer to win the basketball game.  But before they made that lucky shot, they had to run down to the end of the court and be ready to get the wild pass. They had to put themselves in a position to be lucky.

It’s the same in life.  There’s plenty of luck involved in getting great opportunities – but you have to put yourself in a position to take advantage of them. Do you dream about your small business getting that big order that will make you a millionaire?  Do you dream of winning a month long vacation and getting the heck out of dodge?

Ask yourself this, if those dreams came true, do you have the systems, processes and procedures in place to handle them?  If you got a huge order tomorrow could you get it done?  Plenty of companies have gone under because they got big orders, couldn’t handle them, and lost all credibility. Plenty of people have missed out on vacations and other opportunities because they didn’t have the systems in place to take care of things while they were gone.

Organization the Renegade Organizer way is all about putting yourself in a position to be lucky.  If you have systems and processes to fall back on that are designed to expand with you, then you can be confident that when that opportunity comes along, you can jump on it, hit the lucky shot, and win the games of business and life.  Now that I’ve pounded this metaphor into the ground, I’m out of here – wishing you the best of self-made luck!

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