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The Power of the Hour

If you’ve read the books, you already know that I will not work with a client who won’t promise to spend one hour a week on administrative tasks.  Many people tell me that they don’t understand why.

It’s simple, really.  I can help someone put systems and processes in place.  Whether they are the most simple or the most complicated, all systems and processes have one thing in common:  They require time to maintain.  Not a lot of time, but time nonetheless.

Any time a former client tells me that they are struggling, the first question that I always ask is “Are you doing your Admin Hour?”. To a person, they sheepishly answer “no”.  Now, I’m not one to say I told you so, but…

Creating systems and processes without putting the time in to maintain them is a little like hiring an administrative assistant and telling him not to ever show up, then being shocked when none of the work gets done.

What you do during your admin hour depends entirely upon your situation and what systems and processes you have in place.  Even if you don’t have your processes in place, you can probably save a few hours a week by collecting all of your filing and then dedicating an hour a week to filing and entering receipts int eh computer.  It’s so much faster than filing one piece of paper at a time all day every day, and it’s certainly more effective than piling up the paper and never filing it at all.

So, in the interest of my motto – Making Organization Fun and Easy, Seriously, – I seriously want you to make your life easier by have some fun during your Admin Hour.

It will change your life!

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