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What the Bleep do I do with all of these business cards

Ok, so you have a box (or grocery bag, or briefcase…) full of business cards that you collected over time.  Maybe you had a plan for them and maybe you didn’t, but you seem to be stuck with them now.  What to do?

Well, let’s start with The Golden Question of Organization…”What am I using these for?”.  Let the answer to that question guide how you organize them:

“I want to give them to people to help with referrals”

Consider creating a binder.  You can buy 3-hole punched business card pages at any office supply store.  Keep them in the binder in a order that makes sense to you.  (I suggest that you do NOT keep them alphabetically since a new addition willl mean a drastic re-shuffle every time.  Try deciding on a few categories and tab diving the binder bassed on those.)  Put the binder in your briefcase and it’s always handy.

“I want to have them for newsletters and possible future contact:

Consider entering them into a spreadsheet or your contact management software (Outlook, ACT!, etc.)  When you are done entering them, either recycle them or throw them in a container for emergency backup.  For a few bucks you can even get an administrative assistant to help you with this.

“Nothing, I just feel bad if I don’t take one when offered”

No problem.  Recycle them.  Shred Them.  Burn Them.  Laugh maniacally while you do it.  Just get them out of the way!

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