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Why I Hate Organization Shows

I try to be a good little organizer, I do!  I try to do research in my field by watching all of the organizing shows on TV.  But you know what happens?  I just really, really angry.

I sit on my sofa and throw popcorn at the screen and yell “YOU’RE JUST CLEANING!  YOU’RE NOT ORGANIZING AT ALL.  AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!”.

Ok, you caught me, that’s not true.  I don’t actually eat popcorn while I watch the shows.  But the yelling part is true.

Here’s the deal.  Who couldn’t get their house cleaned up if a whole crew of people showed up to help?  That’s not organization.  Where are the systems that will empower the person to keep the space clean?  I guess they got sold in the garage sale with the ugly chicken lamp.

I’ve noticed they never go back and follow up with anyone. They don’t say why, but my money’s on the fact that it doesn’t stick. These shows are 100% form, 0% function.  A recipe for frustration and getting caught in a cycle of yo-yo organizing – you get the space “organized” and then a couple months later it’s back where it was (or worse).

Organization is about creating systems and processes that support the  kind of space you want to have.  If you truly want organization, you need to put function first.  Once you plan out your systems and processes (the function), you can give them any kind of form that you want.  If you start with form and then try to get function, you’re just shooting yourself in the clutter…I mean, in the foot.  Now excuse me while I go pop some popcorn, turn on the TV and work on my anger management.

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