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5 Steps to Ease in your E-mail

1.  Choose to be in control.

  1. There is so much published right now about e-organization and most of it wants to tell you exactly what to do.  Organizing e-mail is just like organizing anything else – it should come from your specific situation and personality.  Don’t let anyone, not even me, tell you what to do!  Consider the ideas below and use them as they are or alter them to fit your situation.

2.  Create folders for things that you need to keep track of.

  1. Consider creating a folder for Take Action, one for things To Read and one for things to do Today.  Use folders that make sense to you (and name the folders something meaningful).
  2. At the beginning of the day, go through the Take Action and To Read folders and move things that MUST be done today into the Today folder.  As you check e-mail throughout the day, put them in the correct folder. (That way you can make sure that you are dealing with any emergencies that come up, but you don’t HAVE to deal with non-priority e-mails right away).
  3. Consider mimicking your paper intake system (From the Paper Management book) in your e-mail for ease and consistency.

3.  Archive

  1. Find out how to archive old emails on your computer.  That way you can keep them without cluttering your e-mail program.

4.  YOU decide how often to check your e-mail.

  1. There are plenty of books that will tell you that you should only check your e-mail once a day.  Or twice a day.  Or once a week.  What do those authors know about you?
  2. Ask yourself, how important is it, to me to check my e-mail during the day.  What do I want my customers to expect from me in terms of response.  What are the upsides and downsides of checking my e-mail more often or less often.
  3. Use your actual situation to guide how often you check your e-mail and how you respond.
  4. If you suffer from “Pavlov’s E-mail” when you hear the “You’ve got Mail” noise that your e-mail makes, consider turning the noise off.
  5. Using the folders that you created in step 2 means that you can quickly check your e-mail, move items that require your attention into their proper folders and then move on with your life!

5.  Don’t be afraid to try something.

  1. Consider the information above, brainstorm your own ideas (you can use The Golden System from the Simple Systems book if you get stuck).  Decide to try something for a while.  If things get better, do more of that.  If things get worse, do something else.  It’s ok to try something and find out that it doesn’t work for you, that just gets you closer to knowing what does work.

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