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Stop! Resist the Urge!

I was in my car and heard a commercial for an organizing store.  The commercial said that they had bins on sale for $3.58.  They said that the bins came in three colors so you could put important stuff in one color, not important stuff in another color, …”and stuff you don’t know why you’re keeping’ in a third color.  Then ‘your whole house will be organized”.  In my complete rage I almost ran my car off the road.

It’s easy to think that de-cluttering and cleaning up will solve your organization issues.  Sorry, no dice.  If you want more efficiency, better time management,  consistent follow up with clients and prospects, organized receipts at tax time etc, you’re going to need more than some colored bins.  You’re going to need systems and processes that form the foundation upon which you can grow your business.

Start by making three lists:

1.  What problems are you having?
2.  What would make your work/life easier?
3.  If you were “perfectly organized”, as if that exists and by your own definition, what would be different than it is now?

Then create systems to solve each of the issues.

Quick Tips:

1.  The systems must be start to finish.  If you are creating a system to deal with business cards, the system needs to start when someone hands you the cards, not when the cards get to your office.  It doesn’t do any good to have the best contact management software in the world if your business cards are on the floorboard of your car or lost in your purse.

2.  Create one system at a time, tweak it until it’s right and implement it.  Once it becomes a habit then create another system.

3.  Make your new systems work into your existing paper management system, open shop/close shop, and admin hour.

4.  Base your systems on what you are likely to do.  You are the same person 10 minutes after you create the system who you were 10 minutes before you created the system.  Systems based on your personality and work-style have a much higher chance of success.

One Response to “Stop! Resist the Urge!”

  1. Outstanding quick tips. While we are still setting goals for the year this is a structure that can help ensure we meet the goals!

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