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Video Blog: Deadly Myths of Organization

In this short excerpt from my “Get Organized For Good” workshop, you’ll learn the second Myth of organization.  There are three Deadly Myths and they are so prevalent in our society that they are often thought of as truths – which means that we can buy into them without even knowing it.  The bad news is that if you’re operating under one of these myths, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be successful at getting organized.   The good news is that they’re easy to spot once you know about them, and they shatter easily once you identify them.  Let’s get one out of the way now:

2 Responses to “Video Blog: Deadly Myths of Organization”

  1. Great video, Ragen! I will point others to it. And so to the point!

  2. Thank you for the timely reminder. I am still in the process of developing my unique “processing plan” and your insights have actually helped me to work on one of the biggest “flow stoppers” for me. (cards with lead data now have a “home” taped to the pages of my spiral notebook, where I can also make notes about calls, emails, bookings, etc.) Added bonus: more time to do actual income generating activities!

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