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Ragen Chastain

Phone:  512-632-6080


One Response to “Contact”

  1. When Ragen came to my house I’m so surprised she didn’t go running into the sunset because of all my papers..ALL my papers in plastic crates, boxes, you name it. If I didn’t have time (aka didn’t want to) to file or throw out, I would just go buy another plastic crate. For years….

    Ragen hung in there with me and taught me what to do and how to do it. At times she felt like a cheerleader…at times like a least it was a velvet club and not a sledge hammer. I am a walking billboard for adult attention deficit disorder, and have Type A behavior so to correct me or suggest an idea is better is challenging. Eventually, and without too much pain on my part (I promise) it got done. More often than not, she cracked me up.

    I highly, highly recommend her.

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