The Renegade Organizer
Office Organized. Business Systemized. Profits Maximized.

Master Class

Is it time to get organized once and for all?

During the course the you will:

  • Identify and develop strategies to overcome  issues that have kept you from achieving organization in the past
  • Create and implement systems, completely customized to your personality and work-style, for:
    • paper management
    • receipts
    • e-mails
    • business cards
    • client follow up
    • scheduling, calendar, time management
    • Other systems as required by participants

You will receive:

  • 2 hour group meeting every other week for 8 weeks (scheduled to suit your needs)
  • Individual coaching call on alternate weeks
  • Unlimited access to Ragen by phone and e-mail during the 8 week course
  • One hour of in-person coaching

This class has a total value of over $2,500.00

Actual investment:  $500.00

Are you ready to get and stay organized once and for all?  E-mail me at and we’ll get you in an upcoming Master Class.

Ragen Chastain, The Renegade Organizer


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