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Ready to Take it to the Next Level?

Is this you?

You’ve done a good job of growing your business.  You’ve got 5 to 50 employees and some good sales.  But you’re working ridiculous hours or you’re scared to take time off because of the mess that will be there when you get back or you feel like a disaster recovery specialist instead of an owner, or all of the above?  You want to take your business to the next level but you’re stuck.  You don’t want to bring on a COO or VP of Operations, and you don’t want another consultant to come in and just talk to you about your problems.

If that sounds familiar, then let’s talk.   I take a hands-on approach to consulting to help you reach your goal while taking some of the burden off your shoulders. I always start with a free consultation so that we can see if we’re really a good fit for each other and make sure that we’re on the same page about what we want to accomplish.

Feel free to give me a call at 512-632-6080 or shoot me an e-mail at and we’ll get a consultation on the books.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

“Hiring Ragen is probably the most well spent money I have ever put into my business.   She showed me what mindset to have as well as gearing everything around MY personality, not just some cookie cutter tips.  Now it is a joy to be in my office and I am getting so much more done!!  It has been phenomenal in my business!!  Ragen is a delight to work with and is very experienced, so much so that I doubt anything trips her up when it comes to finding solutions for people.  I highly recommend her to anyone.   Do not put off hiring Ragen to help you get systems in place.  You will be SO glad you did!!!  Thanks Ragen, you are the cream of the  crop!!” –Anney Rehm

“Ragen has been instrumental in getting our brand new business off and running without a hitch. She has shaved off hours upon hours of time that we would have taken to create  processes. Ragen is invaluable!”–Kim Sierra, Austin Coffee Concierge

“Ragen is the most unbelievable systems person I’ve ever worked with. Ragen does an incredible job of creating  systems that works for YOU. If you’re ready to ‘e-myth’ your business than she’s the first person you should call.”– Scott Ingram,

“Ragen has been the stabilizing factor that has allowed me to move forward with the administrative part of my business. I used to panic and not be able figure out which task to handle first. She got my office organized so that I could find paperwork and created systems so I could move through my day easily. Thank you so much for all your help and making this part of my life run smoothly.” –Linda Schulman, Mortgage Consultant

“It’s easy, it’s fun and painless. What are you waiting for?” –Mary Molina, Farmers Insurance Agent


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