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Here is what Real People are saying about the books, the workshops, and the consulting!

Praise for the New Systems Book!

“The Renegade Organizer takes organization from complicated and intimidating to easy and even fun.  This is the book for people who never have enough hours in the day, and are afraid that they just aren’t organized and never will be.” Mike Michalowicz author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

“Is it really this easy? Ragen has an amazing ability to boil things down and make them easily digestible. Don’t go out and buy a 300 page book that you won’t be able to find the time to read because you’re too busy. You can get the framework to solve all of your own problems in these 21 pages.” –Scott Ingram, Owner of

“Ragen is the Queen of organizing!  How she takes hugely overwhelming, impossible to conquer tasks and simplifies them into one sentence solutions absolutely boggles my mind.  If you can’t hire Ragen to follow you around every day and come up with super systems for you, I highly suggest taking a small amount of your time to read her ingenious Renegade Organizer books.  The time invested in putting this book to work will save you so much time that you’ll need to come up with a new hobby to amuse yourself.” —Brandi Schunk, Financial Strategist with World Financial Group

“A methodical nicely crystallized format for organization. This book is the perfect thing to be gently but firmly shared with those people we all know who really could benefit from some good systems.” —Richard Payton, Owner of The Payton Company

“I have to tell you that I learned a lot from reading the book and putting it into practice.  It was fun reading and a powerful learning experience.  I wish I had known about this very simple way of creating systems a long time ago!  Thank you!”–Cynthia Guy, Pampered Chef

“Books by other authors tell you how to organize and what systems work the best, without taking into consideration people’s life styles, work styles and personality styles. This book is brilliant to help us create the best solutions for each person. It is a resource that we all need to be accessing every few months to make sure we are creating permanent improvements in our organizational systems.”–Anney Rehm, Multiple Business Owner

“As a performance coach I use Ragen’s book in my 21-day Performance Program. What my clients speak about isn’t that their offices or homes look neater, even though they do, but they now have a sense of satisfaction that comes from being on top of all the “have to do’s” that can make you feel like you will never keep or catch up. They get to walk out of their office every day feeling complete with the day and eager for the next one without the nagging questions about what have I forgotten. That sense of being complete then allows them to be more at home with their life and more present with each action they take.  Ragen has created an organizational system that each person can use   to design to fit their own unique thinking and working style. What falls out of their personalized system is improved results in all areas of life. Now that is a cool way to produce monster results with very little effort.” -Stan Tyler, Owner of Champion’s Edge Coaching

“Since it doesn’t require learning a new language, organizational jargon, it is easy to read and understand.  Helping the reader decide which system to use for a specific task is especially beneficial.  It really saves time once the system is in place.”–Joyce Michaels, Owner of Austin Custom Errands

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What are people saying about the Paper Management book?

“For the first time in my life I feel good about myself when it comes to organization, and my paperwork is under control which I thought was impossible. This book is a miracle!” JK

A great read – humorous, easy to follow and very practical. It made a scary process fun and painless and I felt like Ragen was right there with me every step of the way.” NM

This book has changed my life! I know that I have control of my paper, and moreover my life, and that I will always have control because you helped me find my own way.” TL

“I’ve read just about every book that was out there on organization and things got a LITTLE better with a LOT of effort and time. Then I read this short book and things got a LOT better with a LITTLE effort and time. Buying this book is a no brainer.” S

A work of genius, pure and simple.” MK

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What are people saying about the Workshops?

“It was perfect.  Good length of presentation, plenty of time to share ideas and answer questions.  I got new ideas to help solve old problems.  Great humor and stories!”

“What an amazing amount of information clearly presented in a short time to help me be more effective.  Ragen should also teach presentation skills – what an awesome presenter!”

“The seminar was amazing – there were over a hundred people in the room but your process made us all feel as though we each got our own custom consultation.  I’ve never been to anything like it!  I’ll be recommending you to all of my friends.”

“I learned more in 20 minutes with you then I’ve learned from reading every book on organization that there is.  Now I see where I’ve been going wrong all of these years and I’m confident that I really can be organized for the first time.  Thank you so much!”

“I love that you address the underlying issues of organization – psychological issues that keep someone disorganized.  It was Great!”

“Helpful information presented in an interesting way!”

“Ragen recently spoke to my group of professionals and entrepreneurs about paper management. It is not an easy group to please. Ragen was professional and interesting, and her presentation was informative and engaging. Several members raved about her presentation and asked me for her contact information. I am also a proud owner of an autographed first edition of her book! Without reservation, I recommend Ragen to any group eager to get better organized.”

To request a workshop, call 512-632-6080 or e-mail

What are people saying about the consulting?

Hello dear Ragen.  I hope all is well in your world.  I did my homework today!  I cannot thank you enough for starting me on this wonderful path.  This morning, puttering around the kitchen a little, I was thinking what a gift you are to this world.  You make this a better place, simply because of your presence.  You bring love, compassion and joy wherever you go.  I am SO blessed to know you.  Many, many thanks for your help, Ragen.  You are definitely a special angel.  With much love, J.–Jane Demars, Court Reporter

I was angry, frustrated and depressed about my desk and files. I now have unleashed the administrative power within “I am my own administrative assistant” – plus I have a “go to” person when I need that extra encouragement. I’m at ease that Ragen knows me, my style and my business.–D.R. Maldonado, Sales & Marketing Consultant

“Hiring Ragen is probably the most well spent money I have ever put into my business.  I put off bringing Ragen into my messy office because I felt that if I could just find the time, I could keep it running smoothly and get clutter free.  She showed me what mindset to have as well as gearing everything around MY personality, not just some cookie cutter organizing tips.  Now it is a joy to be in my office and I am getting so much more done!!  It has been phenomenal in my business!!  Ragen is a delight to work with and is very experienced, so much so that I doubt anything trips her up when it comes to finding solutions for people.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is remotely feeling scattered.   Do not put off hiring Ragen to help you get systems in place.  You will be SO glad you did!!!  Thanks Ragen, you are the cream of the organizers crop!!” –Anney Rehm, Austin Texas Independent Executive Director with Arbonne

Ragen has been instrumental in getting our brand new business off and running without a hitch. She has shaved off hours upon hours of time that we would have taken to create  processes. Ragen is invaluable! —Kim Sierra, Austin Coffee Concierge

Ragen has been the stabilizing factor that has allowed me to move forward with the administrative part of my business. I used to panic and not be able figure out which secretarial task to handle first. She got my office organized so that I could find paperwork and created files and a system so I could move through my day easily. Thank you so much for all your help and making this part of my life run smoothly. —Linda Schulman, Mortgage Consultant

It’s easy, it’s fun and painless. What are you waiting for? —Mary Molina, Farmers Insurance Agent

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Ragen Chastain, The Renegade Organizer


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