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Take the Sting out of Tax Season

April 12, 2010

Perhaps you’ve already filed your 2010 taxes and you are relaxing during “tax week”. Perhaps you are desperately trying to get your taxes out by the 15th. Perhaps you’ve already filed an extension and have put it out of your mind until October 14th. Regardless, let’s talk about what to do to create a better tax season […]

Guest Blog: Plan to Thrive

April 11, 2010

A guest blog by Brad Closson of Paragon Business Group Most people have the will to succeed, but very few have the will to plan to succeed.  Without a plan, most of our goals become wishes.  A powerful tool that can connect you to your goals is a personal business plan. (PBP)  Writing down your […]

Video Blog: Deadly Myths of Organization

February 12, 2010

In this short excerpt from my “Get Organized For Good” workshop, you’ll learn the second Myth of organization.  There are three Deadly Myths and they are so prevalent in our society that they are often thought of as truths – which means that we can buy into them without even knowing it.  The bad news […]

Stop! Resist the Urge!

January 18, 2010

I was in my car and heard a commercial for an organizing store.  The commercial said that they had bins on sale for $3.58.  They said that the bins came in three colors so you could put important stuff in one color, not important stuff in another color, …”and stuff you don’t know why you’re […]

Top Five Organization Mistakes

December 1, 2009

As the end of the year approaches, many people are preparing to make a resolution to be more organized.  Whether it’s your first or your fortieth such resolution, here are some things that can help it stick. 1.  No Plan – Way too many people’s “get organized plan” is to sit in the middle of […]

Conquer Your E-mail Inbox

November 4, 2009

I’ve been hearing a LOT about “inbox zero” – the idea that at the end of the day you should have zero e-mails in your inbox. There are a couple of things about this that made me suspicious right away: 1.  Any “one size fits all” approach to business organization and systems makes me nervous. […]

Deathmatch: Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

October 9, 2009

Ok, so it’s not really a death match, but you have to admit that would be really cool.  Two concepts enter, one concept leaves… Seriously, I have noticed a lot of confusion about efficiency and effectiveness: what are they, what is the difference, which is more important. I see people getting caught up in being […]

Video Blog – The “Have It Or You Don’t” Myth

September 3, 2009

Hi Renegades, Here is my very first video blog – it’s the first myth of organization “You Have it Or You Don’t”.  Learn how the myth came about, how to know if it’s keeping you from being organized, and what to do instead…

You Should Touch it Lots!

August 4, 2009

The way that I help clients deal with paper management requires them to touch a piece of paper several times.  Almost any time I bring this up in a workshop, somebody brings up the idea that you should “only touch paper once” – that as soon as you pick something up you should follow it […]

You Can’t Build a House, or a Business, Without a Foundation

July 6, 2009

Disorganized business owners lose money. As business owners it seems like we concentrate as much time, effort, and money as humanly possible on sales and marketing.  And that makes sense…that’s where the money comes from.  Let me be clear that I am not knocking sales and marketing – I’m currently working with Pete Monfre of […]